Porcelain Inlays | Onlays

An inlay or onlay restoration are custom made fillings made of composite material or tooth-colored porcelain that resembles your natural tooth.

Reasons for Inlays and Onlays Restorations

  • Repair teeth that have large fillings
  • Repair damaged teeth from decay or trauma
  • Alternative for silver and composite fillings
  • More conservative than crowns because less tooth structure is removed in the preparation of inlays

Onlays are essentially identical to inlays with the exception that one or more of the chewing cusps have also been affected and are included in the restoration.

As with most dental restorations, inlays or onlays are not always permanent and may someday require replacement.  They are highly durable and will last many years, giving you a beautiful long-lasting smile.




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